The number of times the hair is washed depends on the type and condition of the hair, and the most important thing is to use a shampoo suitable for your hair type ????

1️-If your hair is of normal type, it is preferable to wash it twice a week and it is advised not to wash it more than that, because the more washing it removes the natural oils that are useful for the hair and scalp, and thus, it is more healthy than useful.

2 ️-If your hair is greasy, it is preferable to wash it 3 times a week because the fat is excreted more and constantly and begins to decompose into amino acids after two days, so it must be washed at least 3 times.

3 ️-If your hair is dry, it is preferable to wash it once a week or two when necessary, just because dry and curly hair is a lot.

????Some tips for washing hair????

It is preferable to use a shampoo and conditioner free of sulfites and sodium

Avoid putting shampoo on the scalp.

Do not rub the scalp with nails to avoid scalp infections