1️-Continuous moisturizing, which causes the skin to dry out during the winter season by using pure shea butter or hyaluronic serum or using some natural oils that help moisturize the skin

2️-Choose an appropriate soap or lotion so that there is no more dryness, then winter, use soft towels and use them plump

3️- Washing the face with cold water works to close the pores and protect against the formation of grains, so you avoid excessive use of hot water in winter.

4️-Drink at least 3 liters of water per day to keep the skin hydrated

5️-Sleeping for a sufficient period helps in the secretion of collagen, fighting wrinkles and giving freshness to the skin

6️-Eat foods that contain omega-3, leafy green vegetables and fruits

7️-Using sunblock to protect the skin from rays in winter