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19 Jan What is the plant that is more powerful than minoxidil?
14 Dec How often should hair be washed?
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The number of times the hair is washed depends on the type and condition of the hair, and the most important thing is to use a shampoo suitable for your hair type ????1️-If your hair is of normal type, it is preferable to wash it twice a week and it is advised not to wash it more than that, because the more washing it removes the natural oils that ..
29 Nov Causes of the appearance of hair under the skin?
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1️-Hair grows under the skin sometimes because there are dead skin cells that clog the pores of the skin and when the hair grows, it does not come out, so it grows under the skin2- It may be due to the wrong method of hair removal, such as shaving and tightening the skin3️-Girls whose hair is naturally curly and thick are more likely to grow under ..
29 Nov Some tips to reduce hair loss
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↙️Choose a suitable shampoo and conditioner and clean the hair regularly .️↙️ Brushing the hair periodically with a wooden comb or brush to stimulate and stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp.↙️Massaging the scalp using a reverse massage method to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalpEating fruits and vegetables is very important to p..
29 Nov What is collagen?
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↙️ Collagen is one of the most important types of proteins that enter the composition of body tissuesCollagen helps to show the vitality and freshness of the skin↙️ Maintains the softness of cartilage and protects it from roughness and arthritis↙️Preserves the skin from the formation of wrinkles and expression lines↙️ Sources of collagen are many f..
29 Nov Are there foods that improve hair health?
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↙️ Leafy vegetables and fresh fruits protect hair from hair loss and dryness, especially the root↙️ Eggs contain zinc, selenium and biotin, and they have an important role in nourishing and strengthening hair↙️ Fish is known to contain omega-3 in a large proportion, which helps to strengthen and nourish hair and protects hair from drying out the sc..
29 Nov Do you change your hairbrush every time?
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↙️ It is preferable to change the hair brush from 6 to 12 months at mostIt is necessary to wash and clean the brush weekly to get rid of all dirt and bacteria accumulated in it️ It is preferable to use a brush or a soaked wood comb because it helps in distributing the oils in the scalp well and in an orderly manner, thus avoiding the formation of d..
29 Nov Some tips to take care of your skin in the winter season
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1️-Continuous moisturizing, which causes the skin to dry out during the winter season by using pure shea butter or hyaluronic serum or using some natural oils that help moisturize the skin2️-Choose an appropriate soap or lotion so that there is no more dryness, then winter, use soft towels and use them plump3️- Washing the face with cold water work..
29 Nov Your sleeping position and its effect on your skin
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Your sleep positions affect the health of your skin and skin, and one of the reasons for the appearance of acne and pimples is medicine?1️-Sleeping on the back is the best and ideal sleeping position because it helps to drain fluids in the body better and will not accumulate around the eyes and cause puffiness around the eyes and by avoiding pressu..
29 Nov Reasons for the appearance of melasma?
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Stress and tension can affect the level of hormones in the bodyThyroid patients are more likely to develop melasma↙️ Exposure to harmful sunlight affects the pigmentation of cells and leads to pigmentation and melasma↙️ Hereditary factor or pregnancy is the most common case for melasma to appear due to stimulating the internal hormones of melanocyt..
29 Nov The most famous myths about skin care
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Chocolate leads to acne breakoutsCracking the pills, splitting them, then treating them with an antibioticUsing toothpaste to treat pimplesMake-up causes pimples to appear❌ Using a foundation with protection that replaces the Sun Block❌ It is not necessary to use Sun Block FallstaDarkening of the skin causes skin cancer and evidence of agingUse scr..
29 Nov How do I take care of my skin?
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???? The need to know your skin type and use an appropriate routine for it and maintain it, which consists of ????A lotion or soap is suitable for cleaning the skin and removing dirt???? A toner to close the pores, protect from dust, and protect against the appearance of pimples????A moisturizer suitable for your skin type to protect it from drynes..
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