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About Us

Who We Are

♥ Raihanna Company - Home of Beauty , is a leading brand in taking care of your beauty, through a distinguished group of natural products for hair, body and skin

What We Do

♥ 100% natural products with a quality that exceeds the imported product at a reasonable price in the market.
♥ Providing multiple means of communicating with the client.
♥ Raihanna provides natural products for the skin and hair that contribute to treating all hair, skin and body problems.
♥ It is manufactured by a team of pharmacists and chemists under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, starting with the extraction of natural oils and the provision of raw materials and manufacturing them in factories equipped at the highest level, then packing and distributing them to Raihanna stores.
♥ Interact with the public through the Heliopolis branch and our agents in the governorates and through the online distribution team, sales outlets on social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp Business..
♥ Providing home jobs to provide income for all ages and groups without fees.

Our Vision

♥ To build a global brand that is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of women and men by always providing the best products and services worldwide.

Our Mission

♥ Create maximum returns for our shareholders
♥ Empower our employees to grow and excel
♥ Develop strategic partnerships with our suppliers
♥ Offer our customers the best products and shopping experiences
♥ Foster dialogue with our communities to address their needs

Our Values

We are honest with ourselves and each other. We take care of the needs of the team and the company with integrity.
We think outside of the box, we innovate, and we are committed to ongoing education and growth. We question, give feedback and challenge with direct and sometimes uncomfortable communication.
We maintain beauty in all we do-the way we act, the way we present ourselves and our space, and how we communicate with team members, customers and vendors.
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